World’s Earth Day Celebrations at KMV, Jalandhar

World’s Earth Day Celebrations at KMV, Jalandhar

  1. Date of program: April 22, 2022
  2. Title/Theme of the Program: World Earth Day Celebrations at KMV, Jalandhar
  3. Program for the benefit of: Students were aware of the environment and the global commitment to make the planet better.
  4. Objective: to call attention to some of our most pressing environmental and social problems
  5. Total no. of student participants: More than 200
  6. Venue of the program: Dev Raj Hall, Kanya Maha Vidyalaya, Jalandhar
  7. Star Faculty : Dr. Neetu Chopra
  8. Star Student: Ms. Haramanpreet Kaur


To raise awareness about the environment and the global commitment to make the planet better P.G Department of Physics, Kanya Maha Vidyalaya, Jalandhar in association with KMV IIC organized World’s Earth Day on April 22, 2022. Earth Day is celebrated around the world in different ways, but with the overall theme of creating awareness and educating people about preserving our resources.  In Kanya Maha Vidyalaya, Jalandhar event started with the distribution of plants by NCC cadets with objective to spread the message of growing more trees. Event was then proceeded with presentations followed by discussions by KMViets to emphasis the alarming need to save the mother earth. Students elaborated that climate change will have a dramatic effect on natural environments, plants and animals, leading to acceleration in biodiversity loss in some areas. The impacts will have knock-on effects for many communities and sectors that depend on natural resources, including agriculture, fisheries, energy, tourism and water. Presentations were supported with videos based on environmental challenges. Presentations were followed by choreography based on the theme of Save Earth, Save future. Choreography was very well performed and message was clearly stated by students. Further students from all the streams expressed their views on Earth day by preparing posters, Slogans and Rangoli. Event witnessed more than 80 entries for poster making, 10 for Rangoli making and 30 Slogan Writing. Event has got enthusiastic participation from mentee institution Government College, Ropar also. Principal Prof. (Dr.) Atima Sharma Dwivedi appreciated efforts of students to make the event successful. She emphasised that every indivitual should contribute towards sustainable environement. She emphasised that atleast one day in the month should be fixed in which none of the students and staff should bring any product of plastic. Overall the event was successful in spreading awareness about alarming climatic conditions.

Winners of Slogan Writing:

Ist -Daljinder B voc MSP sem 4

2nd-Shruti Tyagi bsc biotech sem 6

3rd-Taruna BA sem 4

In Rangoli Making

1st Rashi and nikita bio tech sem II

2nd Sarbjit kaur, Hitanshi BA SEM 4TH  and  Prabhjot kaur ,  Neha b.voc TDAT

3rd– Alisha Sidhu,Arshdeep Kaur,Niharika and Riya ,Gagan Jaspreet BA AND TD&AT SEM 4TH Respectively  .

Result of poster making

1st — Jaspreet Kaur B.Sc FD 4

1st — Jasleen Kaur BA 4

2nd — Mandeep BA

2nd –Neha Sharma B.Sc Med 6

3rd — Bhawna B.Sc NM 2

3rd –Sneha Thakur B.Sc Med 6

Govt college Ropar

1st –Harshleen BA 6

2nd — Gurpreet Kaur BA 2

3rd –Ranjana BA 2

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